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Below is the front cover of Once a Jock...Always a Jock, a compilation of all the stories that were published in the Aviation Midshipmen LOGs and the earlier Newsletters from 1988 to 2011. Click on the front cover below and the document in PDF form will be available to read, copy, and print.When the document opens scroll down a couple of pages to the Table of Contents. The last entry in the TOC reads Table of Stories and Authors. Clicking on the Table of Stories and Authors will open 25 more pages. You can scroll down through those 25 pages until you find a story or an author (yourself maybe) and click on it. Up comes the story. Titles are either those originally published in the LOG or in some cases different titles where we thought we were more clever than the former LOG editors.


The  editors of the LOG, Ort Rudd, and Bill Busse encouraged the publication of these stories. It was our feeling that they should not be buried in the musty archives of museums, but rather made available to everyone. We have also included the feature articles that were published from time to time, a poem by Gene Milway and most of the poems of Bob Brennan which we think are classic. The 300 stories were written by 156 authors representing 48 PreFlight classes.

To all FMAers:

By popular demand, “Once a Jock . . . Always a Jock!!” is now available in paperback!


As mentioned in the postscript to my letter of 20 June to all hands, the suggested publication of a paperback version has materialized.  The book can be obtained through Amazon.  This link will take you to the book:

If this link gives you problems, just go to and search Books for “Once a Jock . . . Always a Jock!!  That will take you to a page showing both the Paperback version and the Kindle version.

As indicated in my e-mail message of 27 March, our intention was to compile, edit, and publish the over three hundred stories printed in the Flying Midshipmen Newsletter and Aviation Midshipman LOG over the years.  All of them written by you—former members of the now decommissioned Flying Midshipmen Association.

Also as stated therein, neither Earl nor I benefit financially from the sale of the book.  All royalties flow to the book’s official owner and copyright holder, the USS Midway Museum (a non-profit organization) for the benefit of the Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund.  As you know, this fund supports the Flying Midshipmen Youth Aviation Training Program aboard the Midway Museum—a truly worthwhile endeavor that will perpetuate the Flying Midshipmen name and legacy after we are gone.

If you like what you see, you are encouraged to share the book with your kids and grandkids and other family members and friends—a neat way to convey your recollections of our exploits in aviation.

Also, as we suggested earlier, you might consider placing a reminder of the book by posting the above link on your Facebook page.  Convince your kids and grandkids to do the same.  Customer reviews are helpful too.  Amazon makes reviews easy, just click on the “create your own review” button.  There are eight nice reviews on the Kindle version so far.  All of this and any other ideas that you may have will help us promote the book.  The more books we sell, the greater the benefit to the endowment fund.

We would also appreciate your feedback.

Roy Mantz

Former FMA Executive Director




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