FLYING   MIDSHIPMEN                              

July 7, 2014

Dear Former FMA Member:

Greetings from San Diego, home of the USS Midway Museum, the Flying Midshipmen Youth Aviation Training Program, and the Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund! I write to update you on a number of things including, the updated Donor Board on the Midway, progress toward the Endowment Fund goal, and ways you can be a part of it if you are not already.

“Thank You,” Donors! The 2014 Flying Midshipmen Donor Board has been updated on the hangar deck of the USS Midway Museum (photos and listing enclosed). If your name appears, we sincerely thank you for your generous donations and support. If you know of a former classmate or shipmate whose name is missing from the list and who you would like to see recognized, encourage him to join you in giving – or consider a contribution on his behalf.

If your name is one that is not listed, please consider making a donation today! By doing so, you will be supporting an important legacy youth aviation training program while honoring the Flying Midshipmen name in perpetuity. Please join your fellow Midshipmen on the Donor Board with your contribution.

Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund. To date, we have raised a little over $300,000 toward our immediate goal of $500,000, the amount needed to sustain the Flying Midshipmen Youth Aviation Training Program in perpetuity. Your cash donations have helped immensely, but it would appear that if we are to attain goal, we must ask you to make it happen through planned giving.

How You Can Give. Cash, of course, is always welcome. Simply make your check payable to “Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund” and mail it to the USS Midway Museum, 910 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. If you are sending a check honoring or in memory of someone, please include the name on the memo line. You will receive acknowledgement and a tax receipt letter.

Consider the following idea that has significantly benefited the Fund as of late – add the following line to your obituary: “In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund, USS Midway Museum, 910 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101.” This has worked remarkably well for others and should work equally well for you.

The most impactful way to give today is with a legacy gift. A donation through your will, pledge, charitable gift annuity, or other estate planning vehicle will not only assure our reaching goal, but will ensure you being properly acknowledged on the Donor Board. To help you with your planned giving decision, contact Dan Beintema, President, USS Midway Foundation, at (619) 398-8282 or He is more than willing to help.

If you have already arranged your estate to include a donation to the Endowment Fund, we need to know. Please contact us so that we can be made aware of your generosity and recognize you on the Donor Board.

Let’s keep the name “Flying Midshipmen” alive in perpetuity!

Roy Mantz
Former FMA Executive Director

P.S. For those unaware, we are published! By “we,” I mean you. Your 300-plus stories that have appeared in the Flying Midshipmen newsletters and LOGs over the years are now in print! Earl Rogers and I collaborated in compiling and editing them into a new e-book entitled, Once a Jock...Always a Jock!! The book can be read on any mobile device or e-book reader. Check it out at: This just in: a paperback version is in the offing! Look for it on Amazon soon. We have arranged for 100% of the royalties from all sales to accrue to benefit the Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund.

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 Web Site:

Flying Midshipmen Endowment Fund

(as of 1 January 2014)

Estate and/or Legacy Gifts

William H. Busse
Donald F. Flanigan
Louis Kriser
Roy T. Mantz

Cash Donors

Fleet Commander
($10,000 and up)

Task Force Commander
($5,000 to $9,999)

Max G. Baumgardner
Joseph A. Reyes



Neil A. Armstrong *
Howard F. Hofmeister
Louis Kriser
James R. McClure
William M. Rewey
Bryan M. Smith, Jr.

Battle Group Commander
($1,000 to $4,999)

Glenn L. Allen, Jr. *
D. E. Brandenburg
William D. Bridge
William R. Bryant
James D. Burton *
William H. Busse
R. Bruce Campbell
William D. Campbell
George A. Carlton
Charles C. Carter
Robert T. S. Colby
Edwin L. Colling
Melvin H. Davidow *
Thomas E. Davis
Richard H. Ellis
Paul H. Engel
Kenneth E. Enney
Robert R. Foley
Ed Gillespie
William F. Goodman
James R. Hanson
Robert E. Howard
James F. Jenista, Jr. *   
John E. Jenista
John P. Jones
G. E. R. Kinnear
Victor G. Kreck
Roy T. Mantz
Thomas C. Mauney
John E. McDonald
E. Gene Milway
James B. Morin
Raymond W. Myers
Harold Nemer *
L. Wayne Norris
Henry E. Otten
Howard E. Phillips
Richard C. Pickering
William J. Rankin
James R. Redden *
William L. Richards, Jr.
Earl Rogers
Herbert A. Sargent
John B. "Bernie" Shank
J. E. Shipman
William G. Sizemore
Thomas M. Smith
Robert K. Smyth
Benjamin E. Spence
Norman E. St. Louis
James J. Sullivan
William Sybeldon
Ernest E. Tissot
Elmer M. Tollgaard
James J. Tyson, Jr.
Thomas G. Workinger


Division Commander
($500 t0 $999)

John D. Anthony
Robert P. Armstrong
Edwin Barrineau
Joseph M. Barron *
Frederick C. Bereswill
Albert J. Blaha
Waldo L. Born *
John W. Bradford, Jr.
John B. Byron
Frank J. Cafarella
Burford A. Carlson
Richard M. Cook *           
Edwin M. Crow
Dale E. Davis
Lawrence C. Day
Melvin R. DeMond *
Walter M. Earley, Jr. *
John R. Eckstein
Eugene D. Ellena
Albert D. Fox         
John W. Gemmell *
Robert W. Gillespie
James W. Godshalk
Bernard E. Goehring
Martin H. Henry
Jesse P. Hofmann, Jr.
Alexander A. Holeczy, Sr.
Donald R. Hornbeck *
Selmer O. Iverson
Robert D. Kaiser
Richard F. Kaufman
Floyd S. Kunkle
Harold Dean Libby *
R. Wallace Littell
Dewey W. McCrary
Joseph E. Mills
Donald W. Mitchell
Fred S. Newman
Richard H. Parsons
Stanley J. Pederson
Edward Phillips
William A. Platte
Marvin M. Quaid
C. Charles Restuccia *
David W. Robertson
George B. Rothrock *
Neal L. Scheidler *
Lawrence A. Schoelen
Wayne E. Severson
Paul W. Shea
Hugh D. Sheffield
Richard M. Shrewsbury
Joe E. Siegmund
Reynold F. Stelloh, Jr.
Harold Stevens
John A. Strand, Jr.
Robert F. Stratton
Gilbert L Summers
C. A. L. Swanson
Thomas R. Thompson
Lloyd C. Wholey
Robert Wochinger
Paul Wuesthoff
Henry K. Wylie


Wing Commander
($100 to $499)

Tex Atkinson
Joseph H. Bauernfeind
N. Lee Bausch
Gerald R. Bell
Robert H. Belter
Robert E. Bennett
Paul J. Bergdahl *
James E. Bigler
John R. Bond
Edward N. Bouffard
Keith D. Boyer *
Robert F. Brennan
Gordon D. Briscoe
Andrew G. Brtis
James D. Burden
James L. Chapman
Fred P. Clark, Jr.
Robert D. Colvin
John J. Cotchen
Richard K. Culbertson
Frederick P. Davis
Putnam R. Day
Michael A. DeCarlo
Raymond E. Demming, Jr.
David A. Doll
Jerome M. Driscoll *
Fred S. Dunning
Bernard J. Dvorscak
Windom L. Estes
Jack E. Everling *
Jack E. Fairchild
Jesse G. Forsythe
William F. Fraser
Edwin J. Friesen
Frank R. Funk
F. Trevor Gamble
Burton H. Gilpin
Coleman Goatley
Martin Goode
Ercel D. Goossen
John C. Hammel
J. Preston Hansel, Jr.
David L. Hardin
Robert H. Hartzell
James G. Hayes
William P. Hesse
James. R. Hoffmann
Marvin A. Holgren
Allan F. Holmgren
Kenneth A. Horn *
Joe P. Howell
Burdett L. Ives
George E. Jacobssen, Jr.
Ivan W. Janssen
Giles J. Ketchmark
Edward J. Klapka *
Joseph E. Klause *
Robert D. Krizner
Gregory E. Lawrence, Jr. *
Paul W. Leinbach
Arthur H. Leonard
Charles W. Lurcott *
Frank R. MacKinnis *
Jack D. Mallard
Gene A. Martin *
Emiddio Massa
Billy W. Matthews
William A. McCarthy
Wilson McCulley, Jr.
James A. McIntyre
Charles W. Melville
Dean C. Merchant
Charles B. Myers
Ralph E. Neiger
Robert J. Netro          
James L. Newman
John R. Nicholas
Lawrence D. Nicholls
Raymond H. Oakes *
Walter E. Ohlrich
J. Patrick O'Neill
James A. Parkes *
Joseph Paschal
Charles A. Peacock
Charles T. Phillips
Albert R. Porto
Jay C. Proctor
William F. Quarg *
Richard J. Rackow
Charles J. Raney *
Herbert A. Riebeling
Earl J. Rivard
John W. Roche *
Sam Rosenfeld *
R. Orton Rudd
Bryan C. Rudy
Thomas W. Schaaf
John A. Schaefer
Clifford W. Schmidt
J. Boyd Seal
Kenneth R. Seal
David B. Seeman
Leonard H. Serwat
Joseph E. Sherin
George Sinkez
Richard A. Stack
Henry M. Stanley
Eric H. Steentofte
Phillip J. Sullivan
Paul L. Teare
Robert C. Thompson
Dan M. Trimble
Peter A. Tufo
V. Paul Van Keuren, Jr.
S. Frank Viteznik
Gabriel H. Wilson *
John J. Wilson
Jacob L. Wink
J. Spencer Winn
Robert R. Worchesek *
Norman B. Zimmerman
Stewart T. Zink


Squadron Commander
(up to $100)

William T. Barron
Samuel F. Catterlin
Eugene B. Conrad
Ralph G. Dermott
Frank M. Dobbertien
John O. England
Rudolph F. Falkenstein
Thomas A. Francis
Norman E. Garr
John G. Guffner *
Lawrence C. Hartley
Adolphus L. Helms
Donald Hubbard
H. Paul Janes *
Richard W. Keirnes
William R. King
Albert P. Lesperance
Richard A. Mackell
Charles M. Marshall
E. David Millpointer
Gerald J. Parent
Robert W. Pollard
Howard E. Ramsay
Maurice W. Rumble
W. Nelson Sharpe *
Edward S. Siergiej
Douglas J. Smith *
Allen L. Sweet *
Davis W. Tompkins
Thomas A. Voorhees
Albert J. Weil
Robert L. Wilson


*     In Memoriam